F.ellow R.ebels G.racing N.ations
E.xemplify L.oyalty I.nspire T.he E.mpire.

An empire is being created in front of our very own eyes. An empire where WE are the ones in control. Taking back all that belongs to us. Exemplifying what true royalty really means. 

ShopFRGN creates apparel that not only makes you feel good, but boosts self esteem while assisting with gaining better understanding of thy self.


Changing the way you think and feel about fashion by creating and providing apparel that makes you feel superior while leading the way for socially conscious communities. 


“Be Uncommon Amongst the Common”

What was once a thought, a dream, a vision, has finally became my reality.

Too many times I found myself hiding who I truly was in order to fit in with everyone else around me. I was stagnant because I was afraid of failure, I was afraid of what people would think of me. I was afraid to be alone. I surrounded myself with people I outgrew because they were all I’d known. It was energy draining. Something in me wanted to be set free. I was uncomfortable! As the years went by, I knew I wanted to create a brand that inspired people to be their authentic selves. A brand that will bring communities together rather than continuously tear them apart. A brand that will inspire others to go after their dreams regardless of what they feel the future holds.

What must be properly understood is that you cannot be afraid of the unknown. Fear keeps us from reaching our full potential.  I stepped out on faith and never looked back.

Refusing to be a product of my environment, I had to cultivate self discipline. I had to step away from everything holding me back, including MYSELF.  I chose the road not taken by many. 

Forced to leave behind all that did not elevate me has allowed me to 
create an empire built off of Loyalty, Honesty, and Integrity with a dash of DRIP.